Monday, November 10, 2008

HOTEL & RESORT Lembah Sarimas Ciater

Welcome to Lembah Sarimas Hotel & Resort, Ciater Subang. Hotel with a mosque facility in the middle of the beautiful country view of Parahyangan. With only 3,5 hours of driving from Jakarta, or 45 minutes from Bandung.

The Great Mosque of As Sa'adah was built in the area of hot spring water in Ciater, Subang. The Mosque is having three dome colored blue and green on the top of it, and its surrounded by six tower colored green and yellow . There are 114 basic fondation below the mosque, which describes the number of the Surah in Al-Qur'an. The ventilation have a anyaman form that describe ukhuwah islamiyah, and the amount of the towers and the domes is describing the number of family member of Haji Ibrahim Soelaiman (owner of the hotel).

The location can be reach from two direction


If you are driving from Jakarta, you can use Cikampek Toll way and continued to Bandung with Cipularang Toll way, then you can exit at Sadang Point, and continued to Subang and then heading to Bandung. The area is located between Bandung and Subang.


If you are driving from Bandung, you can reach the area by heading to Subang.

For more information and reservation, you can contact us at

Hotel & Resort Lembah Sarimas
Jl. Raya Ciater Subang (41281) Jawa Barat
Telp :
(0260) 470910 - 11
(0260) 471912 - 16
Fax :
(0260) 470660
(0260) 471914
HP :
Representative Offices
Jl. Kramat VI No.37, Jakarta Pusat
Telp (021) 3150919, 3909871, 7197858. Fax (021) 3106717

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